Ostaš mountain

Ostaš is a table mountain, in the Broumovsko highland, lying near to Police nad Metují. Top parts of the formation were proclaimed natural reservation in 1956, as well as the Kočičí rocks which were, in the same year, proclaimed a natural monument. The name Ostaš comes from St. Eustach (Ostach), a patron of all hunters. In past times the hill offered the locals haven and refuge during war years. These times are vividly present until today, recalled by various sandstone formations with suitable names: Traitor or the Cavern of the Czech Brotherhood.The area is easily accesible by a well marked trail with two minor stone cities in proximity: Horní Labyrint and Dolní Labyrint (upper and lower labyrinths) along with the Kočičí Hrad (cats´ castle).

The trail also goes through a great part of the top edge of the highland, offering a variety of remarkable artificial and natural viewpoints over to Krkonoše, Broumovské walls and Javoří mountains. The hill itself is surrounded by sandstone formations, some of which 40 metres high, reaching total height of nearly 700 metres and size of the platform 500 on 400 metres.The upper labyrinth is a 100 metres higher than the lower part. The Cavern of Czech Brotherhood is a 30 metre long split.

The sandstone area Ostaš is a prefered destination among many mountain-climbers, as there are over 500 marked trails and walls of different difficulty. The first ever ascent was undertaken in 1939, up on the sandstone tower Cikánka, the Gypsy, in the upper labyrinth. Climbing is firmly restricted to only for this purpose marked areas and under certain rules. The administration of the protected landscape area Broumovsko appeals to the mountaineers to obey those rules, most importantly the prohibition to entre or climb in areas for this purpose unmarked.

Almost the entire hill is afforested with agricultural woods. Fields are found in the lower parts. Only in the south-eastern side of the hill they reach higher. The hill is located in the basin of the river Metuje which flows under it´s western slope, around a little well called Samaritánka.In the upper part of the deforested area lies a settlement Ostaš, a part of Police nad Metují. Several typical cottages, a restaruant and a camp are found there.

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