Memorable trees in Broumovsko

Memorable trees are trees that are very important, their groups or alleys, mostly of extraordinary size or high age, that grow in nature, cities or villages. It is prohibited to destroy, disturb or otherwise demage their growth. Their treatment is only possible with explicit approval of an authority that proclaimed the tree to be memorable.

In CHKO Broumovsko until 2004 twenty memorable trees were listed, from which in two cases it is a group of trees, therefore a total of 25 specimen, 14 of which  are linden trees, 6 ash trees , 3 beech trees and 2 oaks. 7 of them have a diamatre in the height of 1.3 metre longer than 5 metres.

One of the oldest trees in CHKO Broumovsko is Šrútkova linden in Machov, Vavřenova linden in Velké Petrovice and Adršpach linden in Horní Adršpach. Average diametre of these trees is 7 metres and their age is approximated to 3 to 5 hundred years. There are unfortunatly no written evidence that would enable a more accurate age determination nor is it possible to count the growth rings with special devices as the trees are hollow.

The administration of CHKO Broumovsko ensures treatment for all 25 specimen listed as memorable. Apart from labeling it is expert treatment, mostly pruning, covering cavities or stability enforcement through security bondings.

Memorable trees shall stand as recollection of past times, as unique natural attraction and a contribution to the typical character of land. Our thanks belong to all owners of such trees for their patience and understanding of nature and preserving it´s beauty.

You find more information about individual trees on the website of Agentura pro ochranu přírody.

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