Folk architecture in Broumovsko

In the 13th century many colonists settled in Broumovsko region, comeing mostly from Thüringen and bringing here a specific architectural rustical building style known as the franc yard farm. Villages are therefore build in the clonial style- around creeks up to the hills.

A characteristic elemt of local architecture is classicist square farm. Rural classicist houses developed under the impact of the classicist co-and-reconstruction of Broumov, mostly in the 20s. and between 1850 and 1870

Residental and work building are not distinguished, in terms of fassade decorations. Details are made with stucco, a special type of render, which complement the overally very detailed outlook. Shields glamoury gates or main doors usually road-facing, informing about the founding year of the farm or it´s construction date or displaying reliefs of saints. Classicist pilasters in the shields are regularly ended with heads.

A very characteristic mark is a portal located in arched niches, with seats sometimes, placed on sides and formed of sandstone. The archs are usually marked with a house number, the owners initials or building date of the house. An interesting element of the style is kennel, decorated also very detailedly with sadstone plates.Fassades are usually of two colours: yellow and white. Coloured are also the stylish entrance gates and doors. Stables and barns were parts of the normal residence, not divided anyhow. Granaries created the fencing of the yard. Cellars were often a part of the house, sometimes were places outside, however.Entrance gates are rarely decorated with detailed statues.


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