St. Margaret`s church, Šonov

Already in the 14th century a wooden church of John the Evangelist stood in the middle of the village. A new-gothic chapel of Holy Mary was built on its place later. Today´s church of Saint Margaret stands alone on a mountain west from Šonov. Construction works commenced in 1726 and were finished probably four years later. Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer is believed to be the author. The church is interestingly orientated and points towards the monastery with it´s front wall with towers – the monastery is visible from here.

The base of the church consists of an irregular octagon. Two towers stand by a wide entrance creating a spaceious hall which then leads to two altars and a chancel. It has a total of 6 entrances, three of which lead to the hall and the other three to the nave. It originally had 4 bells, most of them were, however, stolen or taken during the first world war. In 1927 three new bells were bought from Octave Winter. Those were later also taken during the second world war and the remaining one was moved to the monastery in Broumov. The interior was greatly demaged and robbed. Nevertheless, worships take place again in this beautiful church.

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