Monastery in Police nad Metují

A legend says that abbot Kuno sent a monk Juryk to Police nad Metují in the 13th century, who then built a hermitage here. As the monastery necrologue says, the monk died in 1202 and a deacon Vitalis with several brothers took his place and built a wooden chapel of Virgin Mary. The very same year the abbout Kuno begged King Přemysl Otakar I. to donate him this territory. The existence of the area was approved by Bonifatius VIII. The later abbots soon started to claim also the near Broumovská valley.

It was probably abbot Martin I. to start building the monastery church of Virgin Mary. A remarkable early gothic altar is a part of it. Abbot Bavor of Nečtin brough many important manuscripts and other art pieces- such as Životy otců (Fathers´ lives) or a big on-wood painted picture or tapestry. He also began building stone-edifices, such as the dormitory or refectory, third part of the ambit or a dormitory for the monks. The construction of church was finished during his life.

It soon began to lose importance after the construction of the monastery in Broumov, their fates were connected though. After the Wars of the Bohemian throne in the second half of the 15th century they were both occupied by hauptman František z Háje who fought on the side of Matheus Corvinus. Later on the Broumov monastery was pawned by the King Vladislav Jagellonský to Heinrich von Münsterberg, the son of George von Podiebrad. In 1499 the King gained the priviledge that neither Broumov nor Police nad Metují monasteries can further be pawned.

In 1602, after forced resignation, Martin II. Moved in here and also dies here.

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