Jiráskův Hronov – festival of amateur theatre

Jiráskův Hronov is an international festival of amateur theatre. It was named after the local native – writer Alois Jirásek. Theatre Festival Jiráskův Hronov is a real rarity. The first year of the festival took place in 1931 in Hronov, in a commemoration of Alois Jirásek's 80th birthday. Since that the festival has continuously existed and it is the oldest continuing amateur theatre festival in Europe. During eighty-one years of its existence, the festival has become a national presentation of Czech amateur theatre, open for all theatre genres.

You can see plays of classical drama, experimental and student theatre of even small stage forms. There can be seen performances of puppeteers; viewers will also find the performance of dance and movement theatre and games for children. For the amateur theatre actors, it is really a matter of prestige to take part in Jiráskův Hronov. It takes place mostly at the beginning of August.

More about the festival Jiráskův Hronov HERE.

Photo: Ivo Mičkal

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