Javoří mountains

Ruprechtický Špičák

The highest peak of the czech part of the Javoří mountains is Ruprechtický Špičák, reaching the height of 880 metres. It is situated around ten kilometres north-east from the city of Broumov and only a very few steps from Polish borders. On it´s top there is a metallic view-point tower with height of near 30 metres.

Tough ascending to the top of the hill is rewarded by georgeous views of the panorama of the entire region. Your sight will reach Krkonoše mountains from one side, Orlické mountains from another and Javoří mountains from between them.

The tower-viewpoint is accesible via well marked tourist pathways. For the less endurant ones it is possible to take a bus-which will take you nearly under the very top, or to go by car, to the end of Ruprechtice village.

Interesting places in the surroundings

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