Educational trails in Machov

Natural and historical trail of Jaroslav Petr


In 2010 the new trail of Jaroslav Petr was opened in Machov, which complements the rich network of trails in the region. It was inspired by a book called Prvouka na škole venkovské, lit. Elementary studies on countryside school, written by Jaroslav Petr in 1914.

The trail leads it´s visitors through the most interesting parts of the locality. The route, made of 10 stops, is complemented with information pannels describing detailed knowledge of the history of the village, architectural heritage and natural monuments.

It is 5 km long and commences and terminates on a sqare, in the first stop called Na městečku- in the village. The trail is marked with yellow. It leads then to Tkalcovský stezník and from there, on the blue-marked trail, to Česká vyhlídka- a beautiful viewpoint. Second stop is dedicated to history of the region and to the work of Jaroslav Petr. The third is then a monument for those fallen in the first world war, distanced a minute from the square, en route to the catholic church. The fourth stop presents the St. Wenzel church, fifth to the foundation of the Czechoslovak hussite church.

The sixth pannel infoms about rich history of skiing in Machovsko region, seventh, U Jeřába na Bukovině, offers beautiful vistas. A panoramatic photograph is found there, which comprehensly shows surrounding mountain systems. The trail then continues to a highland meadow Na Bukovině and afterward, by a yellow-marked path to a pathway crossroads U Tvrze, where yellow meets blue. Eighth is devoted to children and all myth-lovers. Ninth enlights the conscturction of Skupinový vodovod Bor- an aquaduct.

The tenth stop, U studánky nad Borem, where you can drink water directly from the srping and have a rest in comfortable shadow of massive beeches, is the last one. A pannel informes about nature and gamekeeping. Knowledge about Fauna was collected by the pupils of a local school in cooperation with the Protected landscape are Broumovsko. Local gamekeepers prepared texts on wildlife. Near from the well is the last attraction of the trail: Natural reservation Farní stráň.

Educational trail “Jak se zde dřív žilo “ in Nouzín

The second educational trail, “Jak se zde dřív žilo“, describing local life in the past, was festively opened in Septembre of 2013 in Nouzín - Ostrá Góra. A path with 3 info pannels, built by Borský klub lyžařů Machov in colaboration with numerous volunteers, describes local life before the second world war.

It is found on the Polish side. It commences in Machovská Lhota with a first pannel U bývalého hostince, enlightening history of Nouzín. It then leads, green marked, to military houses and to the second pannel, U zvoničky. This one informes about local school, the reconstruction of clinker and the personage of a famous folklorist and story-teller Filoména Hornychová. The trails ends in an upper curve by a road to Karlow. This pannel offers photographs of Nouzín, view of Vostrá Hora from Ptačí vrch, of a mountain stone city K Hejšovině and quotes from U nás by Alois Jirásek.

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