Educational trails

QR-code trails

In the Broumovsko region visitors are encouraged to use modern technologies: their smartphones, through which they can download information. So called QR-code trails, realised in a cooperation with Klub českých turistů v Broumově (Club of czech tourists in Broumov), are located on most of the information pannels of the Protected landscape area Broumovsko and also by individual churches of the Broumovsko church group (Broumovská skupina kostelů).

A new trail "Vyhlídky regionu" (Sights of the region) was launched during in the winter of 2013/2014. It´s uniqueness is in the fact that tourst finds it in wild nature around viewpoints. In summer photographing and describing of individual sights took place. Then, in autumn of 2013 these texts were corrected and completed and QR-codes were added. The trail was opened during winter so that it´s beauties might have been admired also under snow blanket for the first time.

Partner / Město Broumov