Educational trail through Broumovsko for stories of the Earth. And without digging!

A new project of Agentura pro rozvoj Broumovska wants to point out those less known but not less attractive spots of Broumovsko region.

This new trail consists of 40 pannels, spread around the entire region- near Broumov, Meziměsto, Police nad Metují, Česká Metuje or Adršpach and elsewhere. It´s such localities as Hynčický lom, Heřmánkovické údolí, písník v Bohdašíně or a quarry near Alpská Víska v Meziměstí.

“Each pannel contains basic info on the locality with a phenomenon iteresting from the geological point of view and a QR-code which, using  smartphone, reconnects you to a website with more detailed information, for example, the It´s those sopts that until now don´t have any physical description in terrain,“ describes the new trail project coordinator Jitka Klímová and continues: “Various of the local phenomenons belong to the most visited in central Europe and are strictly protected. This project might contribute to spreading general knowledge and diffusing tourism in the entire region. The trail popularizes several geological phenomenons of Broumovsko, which were, until now, not connected to the region in public opinion.“

All localities along with their detailed description and photos might be found on the website of There is also an info flyer with map and coordinates for enthusiasts, available in local information kiosks. The project is supported by the Ministry of environment of the Czech Republic within the Protection of natrure and biodiversity grant.

Partner / Město Broumov