Dřevíček mill

Visit our mill-museum with bear, nix and devils

How does grain become flour? What were the machines used by our ancestors to produce flour capable of? And where is the den of the local mill devils? You will find out everything during your visit at Dřevíček mill.

The mill in Horní Dřevíč is located on a cross-line of Hronov and Stárkov. Children and adults may witness the process of milling flour from grain and rye from the first half of the 18th century. The mill is namely fully equiped with the original milling devices and was fully functional before 1940. The visitors will find out about the production of flour, starting from the grain income from local farmers until the end-product: flour. Also, what are and to which purpose serve devices such as:pocket elevator, grinding chair and several other apliances. When all is on it´s place the power of water begins to move and rotate everything and, voila, the mill is ready!

Mostly machinery-lovers will come to be interested as they observe how so visibly simple devices change grain to flour. Children are often amazed by the “dancing machine“. The more active and adventurous one may touch the millet and even substitute the miller and empty the flour sacks to wooden boxes.

A mill and bakery machinery exposition is located in the ground floor, all from 70 to 80 years old, and even simple grain washers used by farmers to extract seeds from grain. Children may find out how grain was washed before it came to the mill.

Nixes and devils

On the stairs leading to upper floor awaits the last nix of local waters. No wories, he was indeed a nice nix, different from all the other ones. He never drowned anyone nor did he harm the miller otherwise. Visitors will also find out a beautifully painted bear in living size in the mill, that once walked around often.

In Dřevíček, however, is also the devils nest. There were never jokes with devils in mills and they truly do some rascality here from time to time. So the miller has more work. Local devils are under the rooftop, near chimney. They like warmth and so they allways heat the stove and cook something in their pots. When somebody disturbs them they start banging and thundering. Nontheless, they are absolutly harmless and noone needs to fear them. As long as there are visitors in the mill they are not allowed to leave their nest, otherwise they would face a water punishment from the nix.

When there is enough time and the visitors are interested, they may find out that apart from farmers also a “rook“ worked once in the mill. Did you know that also a hasačert (čert is Czech for devil)  was located in mills? If you dont know what it is come to visit our mill Dřevíček to discover all the secrets of milling.

Information on opening hours and entrance fees here.

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