Adršpach Rock Town

National Nature Reserve


The Adršpach Rock Town is the smaller part of the Adršpach-Teplice rocks, which consists of sandstone blocks. Along with the Teplické rocks they form the largest undivided stone city in the Czech republic. These two rock towns are a very well known term in Europe. The towns are easily accesible by marked circuit entreable individually or with the companionship of a local guide with explanation. A fee shall be paid prior to accesing the circuit. A guided tour is bookable in the Adršpach information centre or at the cash desk in front of the entrance to the Adršpach rocks.

It is possible to sail on the upper lake, found above the Velký vodopád (the Large waterfall). There is a boat-rental at the lower part. The rocks also offer a great deal of terrains for rock-climbing of different levels, however, it is only permitted in the marked areas and under the certain rules. PLA Administration Broumovsko appeals to the climbers to obey these rules-most importantly the prohibition to entre and climb in areas for this purpose unmarked.

Best-known rock formations are: Milenci (Lovers), Starosta a Starostka (Mayor and his wife), Džbán (the Jug), Homole cukru (Sugar loaf) and Sloní náměstí (Elephant square).

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